Hi i have a question,i been withdrawing from zyprexa cold turkey from april of 2016,i got deathly ill and didn t know what was happening to me,i didn t sleep for months on end,had the most excruciating anxiety i ever had in my life,plus severe suicidal depression bad balance and coordination and very severe dizziness and tightness in my head ever day since,i did get days where it lifted and was more bearable,i get horrible fear esp when i walk outside,i was cold turkeyed from klonopin to 10 years ago and horribly suffered,i am currently stuck on a small dose of seroquel 37.


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for the past two months my doc has been raising and lower the mg dosage of my seroquel highest so far has been 350 mg even on the very low dosage, within 45 minutes of taking it i was out like a light but then up in the middle of the night wide awake i ve taken it with food, without food i ve adjusted the time of night i was taking it, i could never find the happy medium.

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the pharmaceutical company astrazeneca said thursday that it had reached a 520 million agreement to settle two federal investigations and two whistle-blower lawsuits over the sale and marketing of its blockbuster psychiatric drug seroquel.

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coe and hong explored this topic in 2012 and discovered 2 prospective and 2 retrospective trials on the safety profile of seroquel for insomnia.

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i am taking 50mg of seroquel this evening.

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i have been in zoloft, but 4 month ago dose went up to 150 mg and seroquel was added.
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I am currently on haldol-d, lithium, topamax, requip , which he switched me to from cogentin to counteract the side effects of the haldol, but he also decided that the requip wasn t good alone so i also need according to him loxipine to counteract the requip , but then the seroquel i have been on a month or so is now out, it is just a drug roulette.

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